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GPS Cattle Tracking

College Valley Estate, Northumberland

This project has involved working in partnership with Northumberland National Park Authority, the landowner (College Valley Estates) and the grazier (Adam Waugh) to place GPS collars onto a proportion of a new native breed cattle herd being introduced to the slopes of The Cheviot this summer.

The cattle are part of the CVE plan to improve the habitat and conservation value of the Cheviot massif area of the Estate, by removing sheep grazing and reintroducing grazing by native breed cattle.

The grazing approach being taken by the Estate builds on work undertaken in partnership with the Northumberland National Park Authority Drovers Project a number of years ago, and includes extensive vegetation monitoring works alongside the changes in farm and land management.

Cheviot Futures has supported the purchase of the GPS collars which are fitted to 10 of the Luing cows, allowing their movement to be tracked by satellite throughout the grazing season, and inferences made as to their daily activity and how their behaviour is influenced by weather conditions, particularly in response to any extreme weather events which are predicted to get more regular as a result of climate change.

The data gathered throughout the grazing season will be analysed by the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, with analysis costs supported by the James Knot Trust.

More information will be added here during, and following the summer grazing season of 2013.