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The Heliosec unit in place and operational - front view

Heliosec Trial Site

Turvelaws, Wooler, Northumberland

Cheviot Futures has assisted the farm business at Turvelaws with the site works to facilitate the trialling of the Syngenta Heliosec - an alternative to the increasingly popular Biobed concept.

This trial site is one of only ten across the UK, and is the only site to be trialling the system in a root crop production situation.

the Heliosec harnesses the power of the wind and sun to evaporate the water element of sprayer washings, leaving behind only the active ingredient in a form that can be disposed of as farm waste.

This system offers an alternative to the sometimes extensive groundworks required for a biobed or biofilter arrangement, and is particularly suited to this site due to the water table lying within 1m of the ground surface, making it impossible to excavate deep enough to allow for a standard biobed specification.

The national trial is a partnership between Syngenta and the Environment Agency, to evaluate the suitability of the mark two prototype of the Heliosec, building on experience gained from trialling the mark one version at 250 sites across France to date.