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Work completed on site, 28th August 2012

College Burn Sustainable Erosion Protection Works

Kirknewton, Northumberland

This project was completed during August 2012, with sustainable timber-based erosion protection works implemented in partnership with the Environment Agency and local landowners.

The work has been developed due to the role it will play in reducing the flood risk to the community of Kirknewton.
At present the existing flood bank is suffering significant erosion pressure (partly due to a shift of the river channel following the large flood events of 2008 and 2009) which, if continued, could lead to an avulsion of the College Burn, and increased flood risk to surrounding land and the village.

The work was originally intended to be completed earlier in the 'riverworks' season but due to excessive rainfall and associated high flows in the College Burn, and timber supply complications, the work was undertaken over the space of 3 weeks during August 2012.

Additional work is planned for this site for the coming winter planting season to further enhance the brash material element of the structure, and integrate planted willow trees. This will capture additional silt material during high flows and encourage vegetation regeneration with native species to the riverbank.

UPDATE: The timber structure at this site suffered some damage during the September 2012 flood event, with approximately 30m removed/destabilised. Remedial works have not been undertaken as repairs have been rendered not required following emergency sediment movement works by Northumberland County Council to manage damage to the Westnewton Bridge structure.

The planned planting works are presently (January 2013) on hold until longer term sediment management plans are agreed.