Cheviot Futures

United in a Changing Landscape

Farm Resilience Planning

A key part of early work through Cheviot Futures, phase two, is the development of the farm resilience plan approach.
This approach is intended to identify, at an individual farm holding level, the key issues and impacts relating to climate change for that farm.

These impacts may be related to the change in rainfall patterns predicted, and/or the likely increase in severe storm events, and resulting flooding issues, or they may be related to changes in crop types or other management that may be required.

The farm resilience plans will look at the issues for the farm, and look for potential solutions or adaptation measures which may help the farm business to cope. These adaptations may be relatively simple actions to secure key infrastructure, or involve capital works projects which could be supported through the project. The plans will also draw together key information and action planning in the event of an emergency such as a flood event, so that the impact can be minimised and managed, perhaps where assistance is brought in from elsewhere.

We are looking for farms throughout the project area - the Cheviot Hills area of north Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, where we can draw up Farm Resilience Plans, and develop the approach so that the plans become a useful tool for both the farms and the project.