Cheviot Futures

United in a Changing Landscape

The Wildlife Trust

Northumberland Wildlife Trust is the largest environmental charity in the region working to safeguard native wildlife. One of 47 Wildlife Trusts across the UK, Northumberland Wildlife Trust has campaigned for nature conservation for over 40 years. It aims to inform, educate and involve people of all ages and backgrounds in protecting their environment in favour of wildlife and conservation.

Supported by over 13,000 individual and 100 corporate members in the region, Northumberland Wildlife Trust manages and protects critical species and habitats at over 60 nature reserves throughout Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

The Trust is developing its response to climate change in Northumberland under the banner of ‘Living Landscapes’ which promotes the concept of joining up and extending fragmented habitats and developing large areas and corridors to allow wildlife “adaptive capacity” for climate change, providing more resilient habitats into the future.

The Cheviots is seen as a critical wildlife reservoir, a large living landscape wild area which needs to be protected in the face of land use and climate change and where linkages are developed into surrounding contiguous natural areas.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust will work actively with all partners in the Cheviot Futures partnership to achieve these biodiversity benefits.

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