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Work underway on one of the bar apex features at Clifton

Exciting and pioneering works underway in the Bowmont!

2nd, July 2012

Work is now underway on the innovative catchment-scale roll out of Engineered LogJam (ELJ) features to assist Natural Flood Management and river restoration works within the Bowmont Valley.

Cheviot Futures is working closely with individual landowners, tenants and Roxburghe Estate to deliver the ambitious programme of works.

Work will include further variations on timber bank protection designs, alongside truly innovative 'bar apex' ELJ features on the floodplain at three sites, and also a pioneering 'grade control' ELJ at one site.

A number of the bar apex features have been built, along with the grade control feature. Work is presently underway on one of two bank protection sites.

Work will be on-going throughout July.

Please see the Engineered Log Jam project page below for further information.

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