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Phase one of works complete on inaugral Scottish site

27th, October 2011

Early October saw the completion of a first phase of works at Clifton-on-Bowmont farm, Yetholm, in the Bowmont Valley.

Building on works developed through the Farm Resilience Plan - see projects on this website for more information - three sections of eroded riverbank have now been repaired and protected using a range of innovative techniques.

An additional section of eroded bank will be protected using a willow spiling approach in early 2012, alongside the installation of innivative floodplain Engineered Log Jam features, currently being developed.

Work at Clifton has been possible through funding support through Cheviot Futures and the SEPA Restoration Fund, alongside fininacial and in-kind contributions from the farm business in recognition of the protection afforded to the farm assets by this work.

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