Cheviot Futures

United in a Changing Landscape

fast flowing river
Cheviot Futures supports the development of simple and practical long term resilience measures to maintain business viability, whilst also having strong social and environmental priorities, in the face of a changing climate. The approach will reflect the needs of land managers and ensure the emphasis continues to be on practical solutions to real problems. The project aims to demonstrate benefits that will encourage other land managers to invest in adaptation measures because their value is proven.
The impacts of a changing climate include extreme weather events such as increased temperatures, altered seasonality of rainfall, and more severe storms, which can lead to flooding and riverbank erosion. Periods of low rainfall can lead to droughts and extreme temperatures can trigger wildfires and damage crops. We will work with farmers and land managers in the face of such adversities to ensure their businesses remain resilient and viable, and therefore able to continue underpinning the local rural economy.
Cheviot Futures is innovative in its approach to climate change and assistance to rural business and consequently we want to encourage farmers and land managers to take ownership of the project, suggesting new areas to trial techniques, share knowledge of land issues and lead the project in becoming a UK case study for best practice.
The project will focus on the Cheviot Hills and in particular the Northern river catchments (Till, Glen, Bowmont, Breamish, Wooler Water and the Teviot catchment). This is a cross-border project which will work in both North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders to:
  • Raise awareness of the predicted threats and opportunities of climate change in the Cheviot Hills and the wider Tweed catchment
  • Take simple practical approaches to land management that focus on adapting to the effects of climate change.
  • Share best practice to support and where appropriate diversify rural businesses.
  • Work with farmers and land managers to develop and trial new sustainable solutions to the impacts of climate change which deliver wider community and economic resilience.
  • Support local businesses by helping them to become more resilient to the predicted climate changes.
Funding for Phase 2 has been made possible by securing the very first cross-border funding from New LEADER sources from both the Scottish and English Local Action Groups - Northumberland Uplands Local Action Group and the Scottish Border LEADER.


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